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I wonder what’s wrong when everything’s going right.

My life has so many things going on that if I am not feeling pressure from somewhere, I feel pressure to … well, to feel pressure. I know this sounds a little weird, but it’s true. I seem to be… Continue Reading →

Don’t pull off the octopus or you’ll drown.

That title doesn’t make any sense you say? Actually it does. Years ago I was scuba diving off Catalina island with my two sons and a group of scouts. We were diving at night. I almost drowned. I panicked. I… Continue Reading →

Never ever trust that computer thing.

Technology. I love it and I hate it. I need it but I want nothing to do with it. I want it to be part of my life, but I just can’t trust it. Its not my fault, it my… Continue Reading →

Don’t yell at me.

I’m getting fed up with television salesmen yelling at me from my TV. I’m also pretty sick of the car dealers hiring radio announcers to yell at me. And now some guy I’ve never met is yelling at me while… Continue Reading →

Just what the Doctor ordered.

A while back  my wife received her Doctorate. She was already a highly successful and respected Geriatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia at the University Medical Center. Her Doctorate will probably not result in any more… Continue Reading →

Skeleton in my doorway.

A while back my wife and I were at Warwick Castle in England, which by the way is one of the most amazing places in the whole world. I was almost speechless when I first walked up to it. Wow…. Continue Reading →

Life is a wheel.

Sure enough. Life is a wheel, always spinning but returning again and again to where it has already been. I think that also pertains to our behaviors and actions and to the cyclical nature of this planet and all things… Continue Reading →

The great flood.

Every year at this time we experience floods. Sometimes it’s our basement. Sometimes it’s a neighbors house. Today it was one of our apartment buildings. The ground seems soaked to capacity with the melted snow so it does not welcome… Continue Reading →

The positive spin on real estate should make you dizzy.

Here’s a little reality check on the positive spin we are seeing today on real estate. I read and listen to a wide variety of news sources and I have to just shake my head in disgust when someone touts… Continue Reading →

Life is like a Jack-in-the-box.

Life is like a Jack-in-the-box? That sounds a little trite you say? Maybe … maybe not. You see, when you turn the handle of a Jack-in-the-box, immediately all sorts of interesting and sometimes surprising things happen. Recently I had the… Continue Reading →

Pura Vida

Recently my wife and I visited Costa Rica. Wow, what a great trip. We enjoyed it so much that we are planning to go back in the near future. I even made a video about it if you’re interested. I’ll… Continue Reading →

Don’t march in the parade.

Watch out. Here they come. The parade is about to march on by. You are about to be barraged with another round of real estate promises, profit projections and programs that “are sure to make you rich.” Yes, you’ve heard… Continue Reading →

Thank you for making my life better.

The other day I stopped into a 7-11 to buy a healthy lunch of a hot dog, chips and a diet coke. (I am as you know very health conscious.) Anyhow, as I checked out, the young man behind the… Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic!

In a market where you read conflicting news about the real estate investment market almost daily, the first and most important thing to remember is DON’T PANIC. Have the courage to fight the short term battle in order to win over… Continue Reading →

The wrong trousers.

Just like in the Wallace and Gromet episode, a series of interesting and unnerving events can occur if you somehow get on the wrong trousers. I know. It happened to me. A couple blogs ago I trumpeted my shame at… Continue Reading →

Active vs Passive Investment in Real Estate

If you don’t know the difference between “active” and “passive” investment in real estate, you could well be filing inaccurate tax returns. So when the IRS calls and says you own a pile of taxes and some very painful penalties,… Continue Reading →

Are time-shares money down the drain?

A friend of mine is thinking about buying a time-share. I suggested that if he was seriously thinking about it, he should think again. You’ve probably seen the ads on late night TV. “Own a fabulous time share in paradise… Continue Reading →

I may have adult onset A.D.D. but I can’t focus on the issue long enough to find out for sure.

OK, I admit it. I have it. It keeps me up late at night. I wake in the morning with my heart and mind racing. I get half way through a movie and realize I can’t remember what has happened… Continue Reading →

Spring is not the only thing that is bustin’ out all over.

I just got back from lunch and a little shopping. I decided during my running amok that I’d go ahead and confess to the world that I have super-sized, grande-sized and jumbo-sized enough fast food meals in my life that… Continue Reading →

Here we go again.

That old adage “What goes around comes around” has once again proven itself true. For years our real estate investments have produced significant tax shelter due to the depreciation allowances. Now I’m at the stage where we are refining our… Continue Reading →

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